Chicagoland Detective Agency

#1 The Drained Brains Caper  © 2010

#2 The Maltese Mummy  © 2011

#3 The Night of the Living Dogs  © 2012

Graphic Universe,  Lerner Publishing Group

#2 The Maltese Mummy

© 2011

#1 The Drained Brains Caper

© 2010

Written by Trina Robbins Illustrated by Tyler Page

School Library Journal

Thirteen-year-old Megan Yamamura has recently moved to Chicago. A vegetarian haiku poet and manga fan, she stands out at her new school, Stepford Academy, where the students appear to be brainwashed into complete conformity. With her new friend Raf Hernandez, Megan uncovers the exploits of campy villain Dr. Vorschak and rescues a talking dog who is a fan of old detective films. Though it is full of sophisticated references, this inventive, playful story should appeal to tween readers. Diverse characters and assured, accessible cartoon-style illustrations make it a promising start to a new series.

— Lisa Goldstein, Brooklyn Public Library

About Chicagoland:

Raf knows Megan is trouble from the moment she steps into his mom's pet food store asking for a tarantula. But there's one thing you can count on in Chicagoland: weird things happen several times a day. Megan is a vegetarian, manga-reading haiku writer. She definitely doesn't fit in at Stepford Academy, her new summer school. The other students are happy to be in class. Too happy. And everyone looks and acts exactly alike. That's weird. Megan is determined to dig into Stepford's secrets, but soon she's in way too deep. Raf may be the only human being she knows who can help. But with zombified students, very mad scientists, and the school psychiatrist on their trail, they're going to need a whole lot more help. We did say that Chicagoland is weird...

Tyler Page lives in Minneapolis with his wife. Cori Doerrfeld (who is also an artist) and their daughter, Charlotte. He was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2003 and received a Xeric Foundation grant in 2007. To date he has created and published six books of his own in addition to doing comics and illustration work for a variety of commercial clients. When he's not drawing, he serves as the Director of Print Tech Services at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Chicagoland #1

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Chicagoland #2

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Chicagoland #3

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#3 The Night of the Living Dogs

© 2012

#4 The Bark in Space

© 2013

#5 The Big Flush

© 2013

plus TWO NEW Chicagoland Detective Agency Books

#4 The Bark in Space  © 2013

Chicagoland can’t get much weirder than this: Raf, Megan, and Bradley have been abducted by aliens from the planet Fnarf lll! And not just your ordinary, everyday aliens, either. These extraterrestrials are intelligent canines, who come from a world where dogs rule and humans drool. And they have a case Bradley can really sink his teeth into: the Fnarfian princess has gone missing, and the space-dogs need help from planet Earth’s home team—the Chicagoland Detective Agency—to track her down.

#5 The Big Flush  © 2013

Poor Megan—history’s repeating itself. She’s been booted from Stepford Prep, and her father is sending her to visit Pine Lake Academy...a boarding school. This could mean the end of the Chicagoland Detective Agency! Raf and Bradley come along to get a sniff at the new school, but when Megan ducks into a restroom marked Do Not Enter and Raf takes a sip from an old fountain, school becomes the least of their problems. Something spooky is knocking around in the pipes, and now it has its hooks in them.



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